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Are your regional training events disrupted by coronavirus (Covid-19)? Are you facing travel restrictions for your teams in Asia?

By popular demand,Mark is offering 60 to 90 minute virtual keynote speeches and LIVE webinars on Innovation.

Speaker’s Fees: A World-Class, Unique, Customised Virtual Keynote Speech or Webinar for Your Event - Only SGD $4950

What this includes:

  • A pre-keynote speech meeting or call to discuss theme of your event with our team

  • Webinar technology allowing up to 100 participants watch the event - no extra software needed!

  • A unique, fully customised speech for your event based on your event theme and key messages on the event day

  • A branded, beautifully designed, FREE E-book for all attendees to download at the event via QR code or through a unique web link


Workshops in Singapore, overseas workshops and keynotes are also available. Contact us at

Virtual Keynote Speaker Webinar Singapor

Virtual Keynote Speech or Webinar Highlights

Innovation is changing the face of business, and forcing companies to adapt and change. In the keynote, “How to Build A Culture of Innovation” learn how firms can create a culture of innovation, and how your company can win in the Innovation Race.

In this inspiring talk, learn what leading companies are doing to prepare for the future of work, and how you can understand and manage the future workforce.  Mark will draw on examples from across the industry and beyond, and share tips on how create a culture of innovation that will inspire the audience into action.


  • How innovation became the staple business model

  • Where does your country rank on the innovation indices and why

  • What we can learn from the world’s most innovative companies

  • How to build a culture of innovation and a team of innovators

  • 5 key steps for moving from ideas to implementation

Virtual Keynote Speaker Webinar Singapor
Virtual Keynote Speaker Webinar Future o
virtual keynote artificial intelligence
Virtual Keynote Speaker Webinar Singapor

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