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Keynote Speech on Leadership In A Digital Age

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Speaker’s Fees: A World-Class, Unique, Fully Customised Keynote Speech for Your Event - Only SGD $6500


·       A pre-keynote speech meeting or call to discuss theme of your event with our team

·       A site recee pre-event to discuss logistics, timings and AV for the day

·       A unique, fully customised speech for your event based on your event theme and key messages on the event day

·       A branded, beautifully designed, FREE E-book for all attendees to download at the event via QR code or through a unique web link


Workshops in Singapore, overseas workshops and keynotes are also available. Contact us at

Technology is disrupting the workplace, forcing leaders to be comfortable managing global and virtual teams in an ever-changing business environment. In the keynote, “Leadership In A Digital Age” learn how leaders can adapt to a fast-changing world.

In this inspiring talk, learn what leading companies are doing to prepare their leaders for the future of work, and the 4-step LIDA Framework for becoming a future-ready leader.  Mark will draw on examples from across the industry and beyond, to inspire the audience into action.

Keynote Speech Highlights:

  • How to become comfortable with steering teams into the unknown

  • How to manage lead and manage global and remote teams

  • How you can embrace technology

  • How to lead teams with more experience and expertise than you

  • Why organisations need to evolve in a world of change and disruption

  • The four-step LIDA Framework for becoming a future-ready leader

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