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5 Reasons to Choose Me As Your Keynote Speaker

Updated: Jul 6

Hi I'm Mark Stuart. You may be wondering more about me, or how I stand out in the competitive scene of professional speaking.

Here is more background about me, and 5 reasons why I should be your next keynote speaker.

Most of my experience has been as a Corporate Trainer in Innovation and Design Thinking, and my signature workshop Leadership In A Digital Age and Ideathons for over 650+ of my corporate and government clients, culminating in my training company winning the “Future of Work” award.

Prior to becoming a trainer, I had 15 years of regional and global experience working for the world’s largest banks (Morgan Stanley, Schroders, Goldman Sachs, Abbey National and Salomon Brothers) and have now spoken in 22 different countries. My full bio here.

Increasingly, I’ve been asked to do more keynote speeches from my clients, which is how I got into keynote speaking.

5 Reasons to Choose Me as a Speaker

1) Award-winning - I'm Co-Founder of Anagram Group, which won the "Future of Work" award for its work in transforming organisations through Innovation and Design Thinking.

2) Professional Speaker – I’m a Professional Member of the Asia Professional Speakers - Singapore and the Global Speakers Federation.

3) Regional leadership experience in Asia – I’ve been based in Singapore for over 14 years, where I led global teams and have over 11 years of experience of building a business in the region.

4) Corporate Leadership background - With over 15 years of corporate experience in leadership positions, I understand the challenges that leaders face.

5) Excellent Audience Engagement – From client surveys, over 90% of audiences rate me ‘good or excellent speaker/trainer'.

Additionally, I have an in-house marketing team who can assist clients with coming up with any images, videos or designs you may require for your event.

Please take a look on my website and contact me at I look forward to working with you to make your event a success.


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