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Speaker Showreel: Mark Stuart

The "Future of Work Speech": Mark Stuart

International keynote speaker Mark Stuart giving a Keynote Speech on the Future of Work at VOICE 2019, an event where 300 attendees came together in Singapore to discuss the future of Smart Manufacturing. Attendees included engineers, AI and tech experts who came from the UK, US, Asia and all around the world for this special event.



Technology, social information, and demographics of the future workforce are impacting companies. Learn what is Industry 4.0 and what leading companies are doing to future-proof their leaders.


In the keynote, Mark discussed:

- What is Industry 4.0 and how are leading companies preparing for the future of work

- How companies are being impacted by globalisation, digitalisation, social information and millennial demographics

-Embracing modern technology and understanding its impact on your job

-How humans and technology can become partners rather than threats

-5 ways your organisation should be preparing for the future of work

International keynote speaker Mark Stuart giving a Keynote Speech on the Leadership in A Digital Age to an audience of 180 participants at an event in 2018 attended by professional trainers, speakers, and the Human Resources and Learning and Development Industry.


Keynote Speech Highlights:

  • How to become comfortable with steering teams into the unknown

  • How to manage lead and manage global and remote teams

  • How you can embrace technology

  • How to lead teams with more experience and expertise than you

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