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Are your regional training events disrupted by coronavirus (Covid-19)? Are you facing travel restrictions for your teams in Asia?

By popular demand,Mark is offering 60 to 90 minute virtual keynote speeches and LIVE webinars on Leadership in a Digital Age.

Speaker’s Fees: A World-Class, Unique, Customised Virtual Keynote Speech or Webinar for Your Event - Only SGD $4950

What this includes:

  • A pre-keynote speech meeting or call to discuss theme of your event with our team

  • Webinar technology allowing up to 100 participants watch the event - no extra software needed!

  • A unique, fully customised speech for your event based on your event theme and key messages on the event day

  • A branded, beautifully designed, FREE E-book for all attendees to download at the event via QR code or through a unique web link


Workshops in Singapore, overseas workshops and keynotes are also available. Contact us at

future of work speaker

​Virtual Keynote Speech or Webinar Highlights:


Technology, social information, and demographics of the future workforce are impacting companies. Learn what is Industry 4.0 and what leading companies are doing to future-proof their leaders.

  • What leading companies are doing to adapt to the future of work

  • How traditional companies can learn from the startup community

  • The changing nature of employment and how to attract and retain talent

  • How humans and technology can become partners rather than threats

  • The future is now, so what’s next? 5 ways your organisation should be preparing for the future of work

Looking for a keynote speaker for your virtual event
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